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How to Work with PayPal in Estonia

How Do Online Sellers Reach to PayPal Business From Estonia?

Estonian E-Residency program and opening a company in Estonia online have been a distinct answer for entrepreneurs from various countries that PayPal is not operating.

Steps for opening a PayPal account in Estonia

  1. Application for the Estonian E-Residency and receiving your digital ID-card

Estonian E-Resident will allow you to establish a corporation and launch a bank account online.

Once your application has been certified, your E-Residency kit will be transmitted to the proximate Estonian Embassy in 30 days. Afterwards you will receive the digital Estonian ID card, plus a USB ID card reader.

Once you have fitted your Estonian identity card in the reader and plugged it in via USB; you can reach to the Estonian state systems, and you can put signature to official papers digitally that has lawful effectiveness in Estonia.

  • Establish your corporation in Estonia online

With a smart ID-card that Estonia concludes for your name and the card reader, you will be able to operate the formal operations related to your establishment online, with the inclusion of the establishment of a company.

By courtesy of this digital practice began for the first time in the world by Estonia, entrepreneurs set up their works in Estonia from outside of Estonia can transparently track all the processing related to their companies online.

  • Opening of a bank account for your company online

Although your corporation has the claim to open a regional bank account in Estonia after the forming of your company, local banks do not give a full guarantee to open a bank account for E-Residents and demand E-Residents to exist in Estonia for one time only after pre-application. Therefore, we lustily advise not wasting time with local banks.

You can also open your bank account online on next-generation banking platforms as many E-Resident entrepreneurs do.

Finland-based Holvi bank is an online banking platform that is the official partner of the E-Residency program. After the establishment of your company, you can implement online with your company’s papers or you can get assistance from Digital Estonia to open your Holvi bank account.

For the time being, your Holvi account can only have a transmission of money from and to SEPA countries. If you need to have the transference of money to countries other than SEPA countries, you can establish a company account on Transferwise Borderless platform that is an online banking solution as Holvi. With this account, you can do exchanges between 28 different currencies and make international transfers of money.

The operation fees for these platforms are lower than conventional banks.

In addition to all those; after you open a corporate account through Holvi, your Business MasterCard will be shipped by Holvi to your home address in your own country. Therefore, you will also be able to use the earnings that you get to your Holvi company account with a MasterCard.

  • Activating the PayPal account

After opening an online bank account, you can lawfully begin using your PayPal Business account by logging into the system via and verifying your company and banking data.


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