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Frequently Asked Questions

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Any non-EU startup which has a technology-based business solution aiming to develop and launch an innovative and repeatable business model with a huge global growth potential can apply for the program.

Contributing significantly to the development of the business environment in Estonia is also very important.

A start-up visa basically entitles foreign entrepreneurs to live in Estonia for up to 18 months when establishing their business. This visa can be obtained in 365 days and extended up to 183 days.

Entrepreneurs who have completed their startup in Estonia will have the right to apply for special temporary residence permits to stay longer. For start-ups, the normal investment limit of € 65,000 is not required.

A temporary residence permit for entrepreneurs can be granted for up to 5 years

A startup entrepreneur who obtained a startup visa can also bring his/her family to Estonia. The same requirements may apply to your family as well. Your husband/spouse may also be granted a temporary work permit to work in a legal and registered company. For a longer stay, if you have a temporary residence permit, your spouse and children can also apply for that to stay with you. Husbands/ spouses who obtain a residence permit can also work in Estonia.

For those who want to establish and develop a business in Estonia, startup visa and temporary residence permit are granted. If you do not want to settle in Estonia, you can set up and manage your company remotely by obtaining e-Residency.

There is no such requirement for a start-up visa. However, having a registered company is a requirement for a temporary residence permit for entrepreneurs. Visas are special to those who want to start a new startup as well as those who want to develop their startup.

Before completing the visa application, documents must be submitted indicating that they have sufficient amount. For a start-up visa, there must be an amount of EUR 130 for each month planned to stay in Estonia.

A short-term visa covering a maximum of 90 days is a Schengen visa. A long-term visa up to 365 days (and can be extended by 183 days) is a national visa. You can also travel to the Schengen countries within the first 90 days of the national visa.

If you have given the name of your employees during the application, you will need to apply for the registration of your employees and of course they need to apply for a visa for short-term hiring.

If there is a long-term employment, your employee will need to apply for a temporary residence permit.

Your company needs a bank account (IBAN) in order to receive payments for your customers’ daily purchase transactions, to cash out payments made through payment services such as Paypal and to pay the salaries or partners’ shares.

You also need a bank account to meet the requirements of the regulations (e.g. for the proof of capital payment.)

No, you don’t need it. You can make transactions such as stock capital payments or dividend payments from banks in another country.

You can also apply for a personal bank account. Sometimes your personal account opens later so that your business in Estonia can be tracked as you promised. You can also open your personal bank account remotely at any time after having the required face-to-face conversation.

If you have already a company that you are operating fully, We make your monthly notification on your behalf. All you have to do is send us your documents by email every month.