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Contact Person and a Legal Address

You will need a legal address and a designated contact person to register the company in Estonia. Both of these services can be offered by a Virtual Office Service Provider.

You do not need to rent an expensive office space to acquire a legal address in Estonia. Virtual address offered by a licensed service provider can also be used. From this year, the legal address is tied with a designated contact person requirement.

The role of a contact person is to receive and forward the procedural documents of the business and the declarations of intent addressed to the business. Some legal documents may be delivered in Estonia in paper. Upon delivery of a procedural document or declaration of intent to the contact person, the respective procedural document or declaration of intent is deemed to have been delivered also to the business. You do not have to give them any powers to act on behalf of your company and they do not have to be a shareholder, a board member or an employee.

Only a notary, notary’s office, advocate, law office, sworn auditor, audit firm or a trust and company service provider may be designated a contact person. Virtual Office Service Providers on our website all have the necessary operating license to act as a trust and company service provider.

The address of the contact person shall be considered the address of the company in such case.

Source: E-Resident.Gov.Ee


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