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Advantages of Doing Business in Estonia

Business Environment

There are lots of benefits of doing business in Estonia. One of them is its business environment and the other is its freedom of doing business with all its transparent regulatory. Estonia is one of the speediest countries in the world in term of doing business. As we compare its speed to the other countries in the world, starting a business in Estonia takes only 7 days while the average is 35 days in the world. Estonia is one of the leading countries in Eastern and Central Europe from the point of attracting FDI (foreign direct investments). Estonia is also has been ranked as 24 out of 184 countries in the World Bank lists in terms of doing business easily.

Having lots of and growing number of industrial parks and supply of high-quality commercial and office property is a plus for Estonia. It is also a plus to establish free zones at Muuga Port, in Valga, Paldiski and Sillamäe in terms of attracting foreign investors. You should note that in Estonia, costs such as labor, energy, property expenses, telecommunications and transport services are much lower when compared to other countries in the region of Baltic.

Achieving very high-quality levels without having to pay burdensome costs is a quite common thing found by the investors and it has been proved that Estonia has a leading position in Eastern and Central Europe in terms of FDI per capita. The statistical data is as follows:

  • In 2011, a total of EUR12.7 billion were invested in Estonia and the foreign direct investment stock per capita was EUR9,669 as at 31 December 2011.

Why you should invest in Estonia?

There are many reasons to invest in Estonia.

  • One of them is transparent regulatory environment as we have indicated above.
  • As you know, Estonia is one of the countries with the fastest internet in the world. Therefore, it is quite possible to do your business remotely from any part of the world thanks to developed communication networks such as a wide range of Internet-based services.
  • Estonian tax system:  many separate and complicated tax accounting will be avoided thanks to Estonian tax system supporting the holding structure.
  • Having connection links with the Nordic and Russian markets.

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