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Meet Social Enterprises

Welcome to Estoniainc.com! Our goal is to provide the high-quality formation services on schedule and on a budget along with outstanding customer service. We understand that time and cost are crucial, so we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. For our customer’s peace of mind, we offer valuable money-saving services and lifetime customer service.
Our FIU License Number is FIU000262

What's e-Residency?

Our Services

Company Formation

We offer fast & reliable company formation in Estonia. Also we provide assistance throughout the life of your company and you do not need worry about your company.

Estonia Legal Address

We provide a legal "Residential Address". We have the lowest fee in the industry. You can also use our address for mail forwarding and return center your online goods.

Accounting & Taxes

You might be missing out on tax breaks as a new start-up. We can inform you about tax breaks and how you should pay your taxes!

Bank & Privacy

We offer Estonian Bank account service, Nominee Service - Officers, Directors and Managers.Provides privacy, asset protection and help with corporate formalities.

Start-up Visa | Immigration

Move your work to Estonia! We can help you move your talent or start-up to Estonia. Mostly our customers will take up 5 years residency.

Amazon | eBay | Etsy

You can start your Amazon and dropshipping business with e-Residency. We provide services to get payment, use PayPal for unsupported countries.

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Company Formation Fees

  • The most economical and friendly way
  • Registered Address and Representative*
  • Free Consultation for E-Residency
  • Same-day Electronic Filing
*rates are subject to change
  • Everything you see listed in the Start-up Package, plus...
  • Bank Appointment
  • Estonian Physical Phone Number
  • Banking Solutions
*rates are subject to change

Onder Firat

Ankara, Turkey

Our Company Marketyo OU formed by Social Enterprises, and we also received our residency cards in 2 months.

Mert Nesvat

Gran Canaria, Spain

Our Project volunteer.works approved by the start-up committee and we are glad to work with Social Enterprises. You can also visit our project volunteer.works and contribute to us.

Tips and Tricks


Advantages of E-Residency

In January, thе government аnnоunсеd thаt demand fоr е-rеѕidеnсу wаѕ so high that it wоuld bе ѕсаling uр the programme – аnd dоubling thе application fееѕ frоm €50 (US$ 54.50) to €100 (US$109). Bу thеn,…


Bring Employees On A Start-Up Visa

In order to bring non-EU employees to Estonia on a Startup Visa: Check this list to see if your startup is pre-included as an Estonian startups that can hire non-EU employees on preferential terms. In case…


Am I Eligible For A Start-Up Visa?

To be eligible for the Startup Visa as a founder, you'll need: At least €140 for every month you want to spend in Estonia. This translates to €1,680 for a one-year visa. It is the bare…